We love charts
On line chart design for your family tree charts.

Design is fully interactive & free

Our system will draw your chart for you. You can move the boxes around, edit the data on the chart, add footnotes, portraits, notes and pictures.

Then we can print a high quality chart for you using a variety of different roll papers and sizes plus A3 sheets.
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fully configurable
Upload a GEDCOM or input your details
Choose from 10 different chart types & infinite variations
Support for most languages: Chinese to Javanese!
Add portraits and footnotes in boxes
Add notes and pictures anywhere
Include borders and/or backgrounds
Edit line charts by dragging boxes
Ancestors charts can include ancestors of spouse(s) and can also include siblings
Expand & contract families on your chart
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Step 1Before you start make sure you have a GEDCOM file ready to upload. A GEDCOM file is a standard way of sharing family tree data between programs. Most family tree programs or web sites allow you to export a GEDCOM file - refer to your software for instructions on how to do this.

If you do not have a GEDCOM file to upload you can enter your data directly into webtreeprint with an easy to use screen. Just follow the alternative instructions by clicking here.
Step 2Now you need to create a user name and password. We ask this so that we can keep your data private. You also have the option to ask us to keep you up to date with any new features or changes to the web site. Please note that we will never disclose your details to any third party, nor will we bombard you with sales emails.

When all fields have been completed click the submit button in the bottom right corner of this step.
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Step 3Next we need to identify your GEDCOM file and upload it to our web site. Your data will be kept confidential. Click the File button below to identify the GEDCOM file on your computer.

Gedcom file:
Step 4Once you have identified your GEDCOM file above click the button here
to upload it. Depending upon how large your file is and the speed of your
internet connection this could take a while. Please be patient.

Import GEDCOMView import errors
Step 4Now you are ready to create your first chart.
You need to define the person the chart should be based on by supplying their first & last names here.
Then click the 'Find' button and you will see a list of the matching persons below this box.
Then just click on a 'Create chart' button and you will be able to choose a chart type.

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