The easy way to print sheet labels

OK, this has nothing to do with our main web site, but came about as a by-product of the technology we use and we thought we should share it.
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Just specify your label dimensions and we then download a custom PDF file with all the label positions shown.
Then just type the data you wish to print in the boxes on the PDF.
The content of each label can be different, multiple copies, or all the same.
Any typeface, size, etc. Scroll down for instructions.

It has never been so easy!
And it is free!

Sheet size
Number of labels across
Number of labels down
All measurements below in
Label width
Label height
Left margin
Top margin
Space between labels across
Space between labels down
When you type into the boxes on the PDF file, how many copies of each labels do you require?
(What you type on each label will be repeated automatically.)
Single copy of each label
All labels the same
Each label repeated times

The above is the default for your labels. On the PDF sheet you can type 'copies=n' on a label where n is the number of copies required. From this point on, whatever you enter on a label will automatically repeat n times.
Download your PDF file Download your PDF file

Use the proof version to make sure your layout is correct and your labels fit. You cannot enter data on the proof version.
Then download the final version and use it to produce your labels.

Once you have downloaded your PDF file, open it using a recent version of Adobe Reader (available free from here).
NOTE: This probably will not work in other PDF readers, nor will it work if opened in a browser window.
Javascript must be enabled in Adobe Reader for the auto-copies feature to work.
Click in any of the coloured boxes and press control-E to open a text editing menu strip.
Type your data. Use the menu to change text alignment, font, size, colour, etc.
Tab will take you to the next label. If you are re-using a sheet with labels missing, just type where you want your new label(s) to be.
If you elected for multiple copies of labels, this will happen automatically as you tab.
Use the PDF file as a template. Save a copy and use it as many times as you wish.

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