We love charts
On line chart design for your family tree charts.

Design is fully interactive & free

Our system will draw your chart for you. You can move the boxes around, edit the data on the chart, add footnotes, portraits, notes and pictures.

Then we can print a high quality chart for you using a variety of different roll papers and sizes plus A3 sheets.
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fully configurable
Upload a GEDCOM or input your details
Choose from 10 different chart types & infinite variations
Support for most languages: Chinese to Javanese!
Add portraits and footnotes in boxes
Add notes and pictures anywhere
Include borders and/or backgrounds
Edit line charts by dragging boxes
Ancestors charts can include ancestors of spouse(s) and can also include siblings
Expand & contract families on your chart
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Large format printing

We can print your existing chart or other files

If you have already created a chart using a different program, then we can print it for you on our high definition printers using our wide choice of quality papers.

Or if you would like us to print something other than a family tree chart then we would be pleased to do this also. The only limitation is the maximum width of 24 inches.

All you need to do is send an email to martin@webtreeprint.com with the file(s) attached, and a brief note with your requirements. We can, for example, enlarge or reduce your image to fit the paper.

When we receive your file(s) we will check them to ensure there are no problems. Then we will email you back and if there are no problems your print request will have been added to your basket on the web site. From your basket you can edit the number of copies or paper type, and if you are happy just continue to checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: You should create an account before you email us, otherwise we cannot add the file to your basket.

If the printing is straightforward then the cost will be the same as those listed on our 'Printing cost' page under the 'Info' drop down menu at the top of this page. The exception is where the image uses a lot of ink - for example if it has a coloured background, or it is a photograph. In this case the cost per foot is increased by 10p for the 11⅔" papers or 20p for the 24" papers (but note that full colour printing with a solid background on 80gsm or 90gsm paper is not recommended).

So for example we could print your photo enlargement up to 24" x 24" on 200gsm photo satin paper for just £6.60! That's considerably less than than you would pay on the High Street or other online service.

Tips for creating your own family tree chart

This all depends upon which family tree software you are using. Most will allow you to create a chart, and if you have the option you should choose to create a PDF file. PDF files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. However, please ensure you create a single page file - some programs let you create multi-page charts with individual pages for you to stick together. Those you can print yourself on your home printer!

If you can only create an image file (like jpg, gif, png or any other format) you should try for the highest resolution, at least 300dpi for the best printed result.

Tips for other files

We can print from just about any graphic file format. Just send us what you have and we will let you know if there is a problem.

The higher the quality or resolution of your file, the higher the quality of the print. As a rough guide we would recommend a resolution of at least 300dpi at the size you wish to print. We normally print at a resolution of 600dpi.

If your file is a PDF file then the resolution does not matter, unless the PDF includes an embedded image in which case the resolution of the image is important.

Banner & Poster printing

If you want a banner printed for that birthday party or special event, no problem. If you create the graphic file yourself bearing in mind the above guidelines, then a simple 11⅔" by 4 foot banner on 80gsm paper (for temporary indoor use only!) would cost just £2.72!

Or maybe a poster to go in a shop window or advertise an upcoming event? We can print you a 24" x 36" poster for just £5.55 if you are happy with 90gsm paper. And there are substantial discounts for multiple copies.

Graphic design work

Don't fancy creating your own file for printing?

Not a problem. If you are looking for a banner or poster, etc. then our graphic designer can create something for you. Just give us an outline of what you want to achieve and we will get back to you with a price. If you are happy with the cost we will design it for you and send you a low resolution proof for your approval. Once you are happy with this we will add it to your basket where you can edit the number of copies and choose the paper type before continuing to checkout in the normal way.