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On line chart design for your family tree charts.

Design is fully interactive & free

Our system will draw your chart for you. You can move the boxes around, edit the data on the chart, add footnotes, portraits, notes and pictures.

Then we can print a high quality chart for you using a variety of different roll papers and sizes plus A3 sheets.
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fully configurable
Upload a GEDCOM or input your details
Choose from 10 different chart types & infinite variations
Support for most languages: Chinese to Javanese!
Add portraits and footnotes in boxes
Add notes and pictures anywhere
Include borders and/or backgrounds
Edit line charts by dragging boxes
Ancestors charts can include ancestors of spouse(s) and can also include siblings
Expand & contract families on your chart
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Some sample charts:

By clicking on any of the images below you can open a full size pdf version of the chart. You will need Adobe Reader to view the file, which you can download free from here. Depending upon your settings in Adobe Reader the file will either open in a new browser window, or it will launch Adobe Reader to view the chart.

Prince William chart This example demonstrates a 4 ancestor plus 1 descendant generation combined chart for Prince William. It includes the ancestors of both Prince William and his wife Catherine Middleton. It uses a frame with a parchment texture background, portraits and additional notes in the boxes.Bronte chartA simple descendant chart of the Brontë family, including individual portraits. A footnote has been added inside each box to list the books they have written. A notes panel has also been added - this could include a picture if you wish.Anderson Bruce chart A larger descendant chart (10 feet wide) with 5 generations. This one features my 4xGreat Grandparents who were part of the First Fleet to Australia. They were married 16 Mar 1788 shortly after arriving at Sydney Cove. If anyone has a connection to this chart, please get in touch!Ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II A large ancestors chart (17 feet wide on 11⅔ inch paper) with 11 generations. It shows the ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II, including the ancestors of her spouse the Duke of Edinburgh. It uses a different style of box and curved lines. It displays as 2 pages - the printed chart is just one sheet. Ancestors and Descendants of Queen Elizabeth II A fan chart showing three generations of ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II together with one generation of descendants.

This sample uses the 'rainbow' fill option for a particularly attractive effect. You choose the angle of the fan(s).

Conventionally fan charts are for ancestors only, but with a webtreeprint chart you can do ancestors and/or descendants!
Ancestors and Descendants of King Henry VIII This example shows five generations of ancestors of King Henry VIII together with one generation of descendants.

As with all fan charts you have numerous options when designing your chart - this one has 'Draw empty boxes' supressed, as is the fan background. It uses the '4 segment' option for colouring the boxes.

The background uses the 'Linen' texture. Other backgrounds are available, we can even add your own by special request!
Ancestors of Bart Simpson The ancestors of Bart Simpson. A simple chart to illustrate both the background and borders option. You can choose from a wide range of different backgrounds and/or borders.

You can also choose from a range of typefaces, a couple of which are used on this chart.
Bowtie of Queen Elizabeth II A sample of a bowtie chart, showing the ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II. With a bowtie chart the paternal ancestors are shown as a fan on the left, with the maternal ancestors on the right.

Note in particular how well text is curved in each segment. Compare this with any other fan chart creation software.